HCSO Back-to-School


This committee is to serve the needs of the HCSO personnel in times of personal crisis or need and recognize achievement within the Sheriff's Office.

  • Works closely with Citizens Academy officers to identify needs and concerns within the HCSO.

  • Provide food, child care, financial assistance, etc. in times of emergency or need (i.e. close family illness or death).

  • Recognize achievements within the HCSO with cards or e-mails (i.e. awards, recognition of achievement).

  • Attend special events such as ceremonies for fallen officers, ceremony at ILEA in December, funerals for HCSO personnel.

  • Assist in identifying needs of HCSO.

  • Send get well cards if appropriate; recognize birthdays, Administrative Assistants Day, National Police Week, and cards for morale.


Funds are necessary to provide the events and programs for the HCSO and alumni. This committee is responsible for implementing fundraising programs, seeking out grant monies available, and obtain donations for events.

  • Develop a plan for fundraising events either through smaller opportunities or perhaps one large yearly event (i.e. restaurant participation, Noblesville Street Dance booth, Carmelfest booth, etc.)

  • Implement the fundraising events with the assistance of the Membership Committee.

  • Seek out and obtain sponsorship / donations from local businesses in Hamilton County for assistance in fundraising efforts.

  • Search and apply dor available grant money.


E-mail and Facebook are the primary forms of communication with the alumni. This committee provides the tools for and assists with alumni communications.

  • Maintains a current database of Alumni Association members' email addresses and/or contact information.

  • Prepares and distributes the monthly newsletter.

  • Maintain the Alumni Association Facebook, Twitter, and Web Site. Assists with preparation of the Alumni Association brochure and newsletter.

  • Provides photographs of events and activities.

  • Institutes delivery of e-mails from Alumni Association board members to alumni regarding upcoming events and requests for assistance.

  • Monitors the Alumni Association e-mail account.


The responsibility of this committee is to assimilate new alumni into the Alumni Association and encourage and recruit participation from all alumni.

  • Work closely with the Capital Generation Committee to assist in getting alumni to participate in fundraising events; assist S.T.A.R. program with recruiting alumni.

  • Develop and implement alumni classes at least quarterly.

  • Work with the Shop for Kids program and provide assistance as needed.

  • Attend the graduation of new alumni classes to present information regarding the Alumni Association.

  • Works with Capital Generation Committee to place orders for Alumni shirts, sweatshirts, and name badges.

  • Arranges for refreshments at Alumni Association events as needed.

S.T.A.R. PROGRAM  (Special Thanks And Recognition)

This committee is the "hands and feet" of the Alumni Association.

  • Prepare recognition and treat bags for National Police Week in May

  • Frequently acknowledge / reward the individual divisions within the HCSO by providing special events (i.e. bring breakfact to office, pass out Starbucks cards to road officers, provide lunch or dinner to divisions, etc.).

  • Work with Membership Committee to encourage more alumni to assist efforts.

  • Provide special surprises (i.e. basket of fruit, flowers, basket of granola bars, etc.) for morale or a show of support.