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This committee is to serve the needs of the HCSO personnel in times of personal crisis or need and recognize achievement within the Sheriff's Office.

  • Works closely with Citizens Academy officers to identify needs and concerns within the HCSO.

  • Provide food, child care, financial assistance, etc. in times of emergency or need (i.e. close family illness or death).

  • Recognize achievements within the HCSO with cards or e-mails (i.e. awards, recognition of achievement).

  • Attend special events such as ceremonies for fallen officers, ceremony at ILEA in December, funerals for HCSO personnel.

  • Assist in identifying needs of HCSO.

  • Send get well cards if appropriate, recognize birthdays, Administrative Assistants Day, National Police Week, and provides cards to help boost morale.


E-mail and Facebook are the primary forms of communication with the alumni. This committee provides the tools for and assists with alumni communications.

  • Maintains a current database of Alumni Association members' email addresses and/or contact information.

  • Maintain the Alumni Association Instagram, Twitter, Text Alerts and Web Site. Assists with preparation of the Alumni Association brochure and information.

  • Provides photographs of events and activities.

  • Institutes delivery of e-mails from Alumni Association board members to alumni regarding upcoming events and requests for assistance.

  • Monitors the Alumni Association e-mail account.


The responsibility of this committee is to assimilate new alumni into the Alumni Association and encourage and recruit participation from all alumni.

  • Work closely with the S.T.A.R. program with recruiting alumni.

  • Develop and implement alumni classes at least quarterly.

  • Work with the special programs to provide assistance as needed.

  • Attend the graduation of new alumni classes to present information regarding the Alumni Association.

  • Coordinates placing orders for Alumni shirts, sweatshirts, name badges, etc.

  • Arranges for refreshments at Alumni Association events as needed.

S.T.A.R. PROGRAM  (Special Thanks And Recognition)

This committee is the "hands and feet" of the Alumni Association.

  • Prepare recognition and treat bags for HCSO employees.

  • Frequently acknowledge / reward the individual divisions within the HCSO by providing special events (i.e. bring breakfast to office, pass out Gift Cards to road officers, provide lunch or dinner to divisions, etc.).

  • Work with Membership Committee to encourage more alumni to assist efforts.

  • Provide special surprises (i.e. basket of fruit, flowers, basket of granola bars, etc.) for morale or a show of support.

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