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HAMILTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE CITIZENS ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was started in 2013 and committed to supporting and assisting the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in any way possible. We also endeavor to communicate to the public what a fantastic and professional law enforcement department we have in Hamilton County. You must be a graduate of the Citizens Academy in order to join the Alumni Association. All alumni are welcome.


The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy is, without a doubt, the most effective tool the Sheriff's Office utilizes to facilitate dialogue within the community and establish partnerships with those they serve. Despite the Sheriff's Office technology and vast variety of tools, the most effective and important weapon against crime is the trust and understanding of the citizens it serves. This is where the Citizens Academy Alumni Association comes in. An experience like the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy is meant to continue. It is a calling to stay active in your community and a commitment to its growth and safety. 

The Alumni Association provides its members a chance to network and to keep in touch with each other as well as the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. It offers members participation in special events; it affords community outreach opportunities, and; it offers training opportunities. It shall be the vision of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy Alumni Association to be a well informed network of community leaders to promote the mission of the Sheriff's Office throughout Hamilton County.


Choose to help your community!

Choose to make a difference!

Choose the HCSOCAAA!


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