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When you call 911 from a landline or voice of internet protocol (VoIP) phone, it is usually tied to an address. We have 73,000 registered landlines and VoIP phones in the county. The process is very different when it comes to cell phones. When they call 911 from a cell phone, most people think the dispatcher will know their location. What really happens is they see a giant circle with about 20 houses in it, and the person is somewhere close to or in that circle. There are many cases where people have died because 911 dispatchers could not get them the help they needed.


In late 2019, Hamilton County purchased Smart911 and Rave Alerting. There are some parts of the system that are connected. Smart911 allows users to register their cell phone with an address, allowing dispatch to see the information users decide to share with them. It removes the guesswork of trying to find the correct location of the person and can include invaluable information.


When you create a Smart911 profile, you can include as little or as much information as you like. Some of the additional information you can include pets, door access codes, the number of occupants, and more. No one can access this information unless the user calls 911 from a registered phone number. Part of the Smart911 system includes a special needs registry, and users can share as much information as they like.

Some of the types of information include mobility needs, powered medical devices, lack of transportation, major medical issues, etc. Unlike the personal data associated with a home, the special needs information can be queried and shared with municipalities for planning and preparedness functions.


Smart911 also allows users to opt-in to emergency notifications, severe weather, and other categories. This is where Rave and Smart911 connect. Emergency Management can send texts, emails, and phone calls to those who sign up for alerts or those in a special needs category. For example, if there is a power outage in an area, a phone call can be sent to those who use powered medical devices to see if they need a shelter to continue to use their devices.


Please consider signing up for Smart911 by clicking the green button above. We ask that you also help spread the word about Smart911 to friends, coworkers, and family members.

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