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OFFICER Virtual Academy offers self-paced online training used by Municipal and State Police, Correctional Agencies, County Sheriffs, DOD, Homeland Security and K9 professionals. These courses are for personal-knowledge-only.

There are two ways to participate in the courses. 

1. You may Sign Up with Officer Virtual Academy to participate in the free courses. There are course materials available and a certificate of completion at the conclusion of each course. When signing up, use HCSOCAAA as your organization and Member as your Job Title.

2. You can watch the training video only - without taking the course. To just watch the training video, click on the course name link below and not the course photo.


It is recommended to view the following courses in this order:

Other videos available:

  • Active Shooter Response Protocols​​​

    • ASRP 1: Introduction & Definitions

    • ASRP 2: Basic Response Protocols & Why

    • ASRP 3: Necessary Equipment & Lessons Learned

    • ASRP 4: Emotional Trauma & Virginia Tech

    • ASRP 5: Two Types of Aggression & Application Thereof

    • ASRP 6: Contemporary Response Options

  • Basic Crime Scene Reconstruction

    • Basic Crime Scene Reconstruction

    • Reconstruction Diagram Demonstration

  • Basic Crime Scene Safety

    • Basic Crime Scene Safety

  • Basic Stress Management

    • BSM: Introduction & Symptomology​

    • BSM: First Three Levels of Stress Accumulation

    • BSM: Fourth Level & Management Techniques

  • Evidence Management & Storage

    • Evidence Management & Storage, Pt 1​

    • Evidence Management & Storage, Pt 2

    • Evidence Management & Storage, Pt 3

    • Evidence Management & Storage, Pt 4

  • Evidence Packaging

    • Evidence Packaging​

  • Off-Duty Survival Protocols

    • ODSP: Introduction & Basic Rules​

    • ODSP: What Do You Carry?

    • ODSP: Outlook & Identification

  • Ten Deadly Errors Review

    • Ten Deadly Errors Review Pt1​

    • Ten Deadly Errors Review Pt2

    • Ten Deadly Errors Review Pt3

    • Ten Deadly Errors Review Pt4

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